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Sunday Drop-in Meditation Classes

October Series:

Self-care, Self-love: A Buddhist Perspective

Sundays, 10 - 11:15am

Available by live stream to members

In these classes, we will explore timeless Buddhist advice on the following:

  • How can we protect ourself from suffering and unhappiness, including exhaustion and burnout?

  • How can we develop and maintain a sense of well-being and happiness in life?

  • How can we take good care of ourself without neglecting others?

Through practicing the instructions and meditations presented in these classes, we will learn how to protect and look after our own happiness and well-being while at the same time being of great benefit to others.


These classes are beneficial for beginners and long-term practitioners alike. Although taught as a series, each class is self-contained and can be attended individually. Classes include two guided meditations and a teaching. Drop in anytime. Everyone welcome!

October Topics & Schedule:

Oct 1 - Staying Encouraged and Optimistic
Oct 8 - No Class Due to the Holiday

Oct 15 - Positive Psychology: Cultivating Well-being and Resilience

Oct 22 - The Happiness Checklist

Oct 29 - Finding Your Purpose: A Path to Greater Happiness


$14 per class (Free for members) or buy the October Sunday class series pass for $45 (4 classes). Or buy a 4-class pass for $45 (to be redeemed at any time). (If these options are unaffordable, please email: -  no one is turned away for lack of funds).

Classes are at The Spire (82 Sydenham St); 2nd floor at the end of the hallway on the right.

Register for a Sunday class for $14

Buy an October class pass for $45

Information about our 30-day trial memberships and recurring m

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