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Awakening to A New Way of Life: Reflections on Living During the Pandemic

Sat Sept 18th

10am-11:15am; 11:45am-1pm

(attend one or both sessions)


Certain events in life have the power to change us. The pandemic continues to be such an event. It has been a collective meditation on loss during which we have found ourselves asking life’s most profound questions:

“How have I been transformed?” 

“How do I find meaning in my life?”

“How can I help others?”  

“How can I transform suffering?”

“Will I revert or will I evolve?”

Some people have found unexpected resilience and courage. Some have found stillness. Some have found contentment in simplicity. Some have found a deeper compassion. For some, transformation was imposed by unwanted circumstances; for others, it was freely chosen. For many, an awakening has begun.

We invite you to join us for a day of reflection on life’s most meaningful questions and the ways in which we can create lasting change.


Fee: $12 per session / Registration information for this retreat coming soon.