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3 Good Reasons to Join the KBC Community

  • When you become a member of Kuluta Buddhist Centre (KBC), you're actively supporting the flourishing of Dharma in Kingston and throughout the world. 

  • Not only are you helping Dharma flourish in the world, you're also committing to your own spiritual growth.

  • Becoming a supporting member of KBC is the most economical way to enjoy all our classes, retreats, day courses and branch classes. If you attend the center and/or branch classes regularly, your membership will represent a substantial savings over the pay-as-you-go costs.


Membership Options

Supporter ($50/month):  

  • Free to attend all our drop-in meditation classes and branch classes


Sponsor ($100/month):

  • Free to attend all our drop-in classes and branch classes

  • Free to join Kuluta Buddhist Centre's  Foundation Program

If you would like to become a member of Kuluta Buddhist Centre,  please email: